Victoria SPA

Salted room

Salt therapy is an ameliorative method for improving the state of health, acting in three directions: respiratory problems, skin diseases and mental disorders, provided by inhalation of dry aerosols (known as Halotherapy).

With the use of a modern technology called a halogenerator, a therapeutic microenvironment is created, similar to that of sun caves, pine forests or coastal seas. The air is enriched with trace elements, 80% of which are contained in the blood plasma of the human body.

The salt room procedure involves scattering microscopic particles of specially selected pharmaceutical alpine rock salt.



1 visit, 40 minutes – BGN 15
package of 10 procedures – BGN 100


20 minutes – BGN 10
package of 10 procedures – BGN 65

* Children up to 4 years old enter the salt room with a companion.