Discover your way to beauty with the oriental spa rituals from Victoria SPA. The oriental traditions of the deep body cleansers, the strong texture of the masks, the relaxing massages with oriental aroma oils - all of these will give you unforgettable impressions and will bring you to an atmosphere of tranquility.

TURKISH BATH /HAMMAM/ -If you"d like to remove the toxins, to relax, your place is in the only one from it"s kind -TURKISH BATH /HAMAM/. In the authentic atmosphere you"ll relax on the warm marble beds,felling the humidity in the air in order to remove the tension and to attain a high potential for your muscles.

ORIENTAL PEELING /KESE/  - KESE is a traditional oriental treatment for cleaning the body, performed in the hammam. After warming up the body, the therapist removes the upper, dead cells from your skin with a specila silky glove. As a result - the skin becomes smooth and elastic , with a healthy view. This is followed by tender washing of the hair and body with  a natural soap, especially prepared in big bags.

VICTORIA SPA SPECIAL HAMMAM CARE - This  treatment is a special combination of the traditions from the Orient and the phylosophy of the Far East.After the sweating session in the Hammam, the client lies on a carpet prepared by fresh , aromatic flowers and the body is washed with a special silky glove. The procedure continues with gentle cleaning of the elbows and feet with a rubbing stone.This is followed by 20 minutes relax massage with foam and fresh flowers, gentle washing of the hair and pont massage of the head.After the Turkish Bath there is a herbal tea in the relax zone with a light facial,arm and leg massage with a herbal lotion for total relaxation.

"ORIENTAL FAIRY TALE"" - Classic ritual from Morocco for deep cleaning and restoring the energy balance.Starts in the Turkish Bath with body rubbing with special black soap,oriental peeling next,full body mask with Moroccan mud RASSUL for rejuvenating. Ends with relax massage in a seperate room.

"PADISHAH" FOR HIM - A classical ritual for men performed according to the most ancient oriental traditions. Aromatic body scrub with lotus in the Turkish Bath for deep cleansing, calming body mask with morrocan mud for nourishment the skin with minerals, oriental relax massage with lotus oil.

SULTAN MASSAGE - Sea weeds, sea water and aroma oils are used with this treatment. Seaweeds are extremely rich in minerals, microelements, vitamins,proteins,etc. They eliminate the accumulated toxins, modify and shape the body,firm the skin and rejuvenate body and soul.In order to receive the whole sea treasure, we choosed the good thermal effect of the Turkish Bath, where two therapists will massage your body with this sea gift. The treatment is followed by nourishing mask for the hair with argan oil,vitamine coctail and nourishing  lotion all over your body.

NB! The treatment could be performed with mud or chocolate.

ORIENTAL HAIR RITUAL WITH ARGAN OIL - From ancient times women"s hair was a symbol not only for beauty,but brought with it a magic force,with the help of which the weak part of the population seduced men. That is why Victoria SPA offers you a special hair treatment with argan oil. It protects the hair from UV rays,intensively repairs its damaged structure and helps it to strenghten. Because of the fact that argan oil is rich in vitamins like A, B, C, D the hair becomes healthy and strong. WIth the regular usage of products rich in argan oil, hair becomes smooth, elastic and dazzling. The procedure starts with washing with argan oil shampoo, next is argan oil masque and ends with 20 min. head massage.

PASHA MASSAGE- It"s a special four hands, foam massage, performed in the Turkish Bath.


EXOTIC PEELING "COFEE D" ORIENT" - whole body  peeling with aroma mixture prepared from fine grounded coffee and almond oil, followed by relax massage in the Turkish Bath.