BALKAN MASSAGE - It"s a strong fullbody massage which includes elements of manual therapy,classic massage and Shiatsu. It is helpful after working hard. It"s done in a massage room with oil.

BALKAN MASSAGE IN A TURKISH BATH WITH MUD OR SOAP  - In this treatment we use the thermal effect of the Turkish bath and tha massage has also an effect   of a masque./Mud is very helpful with aches in the back, cleans and firms the skin./

MASSAGE FOR CONOISSEURS - Begins with feet acupressure massage, which passes into Balkan massage of the entire body.It ends with Indian head massage.

AROMATHERAPY VICTORIA - Relax massage of the entire body, with aroma essential oils and fresh flowers.

"THE SECRET OF THE BEAUTY OF HURREM SULTAN" - Since ancient times Hurem Sultan was taking much care of her body.She had brightning hair, elastic skin and perfumes that made all men fall in love with her.That Hurrem Sultan was doing with permanent care: body scrubs in the hammam, milk baths, masks, hair balsams, aroma body oils. Victoria SPA proposes a beauty ritual taken from the Hurrem Sultan receipts, oriental scrub in the Turkish bath to clean the skin, body cleansing mask with green mud from Pamukkale,argan oil hair mask, 10 min. head massage, beauty milk bath,feet reflexology.The ritual ends with a relaxing massage with a special golden oil.