TRADITIONAL BALI MASSAGE- It"s done with special Indonesian oil mixed with essences of grapes,roses,jasmine and ylang-ylang. It"s recommended to relieve stress,to relax the muscles and to uplift the sensual service.


TRADITIONAL THAILAND MASSAGE - It represents Thai massage culture of over 3000 -year -old tradition. It is a point massage mixed with manual therapy, performed with oil on a special mattress on the floor and the client is wearing Thai pyjamas.

SHIATSU /Shi - finger, Atsu-pressure. Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese point therapy, having a calming influence to the central nervous system/.

ASIAN DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE- Asian sports massage.

HILOT MASSAGE- Assian deep tissue massage done with hands and walking on the back with feet.

JIMBARAN MASSAGE - It"s done by two Balinese girls working in harmony, which gives you an unforgettable sensation.This massage includes 6 different massage styles, like Shiatsu,Thai, Hawaian, Lomi Lomi, Swedish and Balinese.

BALINESE LULUR  - This is one of the favourites of our clients - this body treatment makes you feel lika a King.Our Bali Lulur is based on a Javanese ritual that is the ultimate in pampering.First enjoy a relaxing Balinese massage, followed by a herbal skin scrub to remove the dead skin cells and to smooth and soften your skin.It is followed by Javanese polish, indulge in a yoghurt splash. Then relax with an Indian massage and feet reflexology.Finish with a traditional herbal drink, served to increase the blood circulation.

HOT STONE MASSAGE /HAWAII/ -This massage entails the use of smooth warm stones in long, flowing strokes on your body.They are also placed on strategic energy points to ease away tension. It is believed that this treatment stimulates relaxation and deep circulation, which makes the lymphatic system to detoxify the body.

BALI REFLEX MASSAGE - Starts with welcome foot ceremony and neck massage done by two Balinese therapists. Continues with specialized foot and hand massage, which assists in relief of stress and tension.This technique is based on the premise that the body contains energy or "Chi" that constantly flows through channels or zones.These channels unite to form the reflex points on the feet and hands /and which are related to the nervous system/.It is believed that it restores the blood circulation and nerve supply to its natural state of equilibrium.

MASSAGE LOMI LOMI - This kind of massage is done either by one or two therapists working in synchronization. It focuses on dispersing energy blockages by way of moving the palms,thumbs, knuckles and forearms in rhythmic, dance-like motions.The massage improves circulation, increases the rate of nutrients brought to the muscles,stimulate the lymphatic system to drain waste products, releases you from any anxiety, worry, fear and other negative thoughts.


ASIAN RITUAL FOR PREGNANT WOMEN - This ritual starts with a lymphatic drainage on the feet. Continues with an Asian massage on the whole body done in a special position for pregnant women. Ends with an Indian press-point face and head massage.

SNEHANA /WARM HERBAL OIL MASSAGE/  - A mixture of herbs, oils and natural ingredients,all carefully blended together based on your dosha /individual"s constitution/ to enchance or depress certain properties. It is gently massaged over your body to stimulate or soothe. this treatment includes massages for the body, face and neck.

SHIRODARA - "massage of the third eye" - is considered as one of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments available. A stedy stream of medicated oil is directed on the forehead in a unique theraphy designed to relieve mental tensions and provide a calm state of mind. The regular rhuthm has a restorative effect on the senses.A  d collet ,face and scalp massage with special Indian technique is included.

"INTERNATIONAL ASIA" - massage done by therapists from 3 different nationalities - one Bali,one Thailand and one Philippine therapist.Starts wth gentle body washing in a hot herbal bath and passes in a body massage done by 6 hands.